Address: New Collectorate Building, Howrah 123, Rishi Bankim Chandra Rd West Bengal   711101.

Contact: tourismhowrah[at]gmail[dot]com

Structure of the department:

                            District Magistrate –Additional District Magistrate

                             Tourism– Officer in Charge

                             Tourism –Tourist Development Officer

West Bengal Homestay Tourism Policy-2017

About the schemes:-

 HOMESTAY is defined as “Home away from home” Globally Homestay Tourism can be defined as the form of tourism where tourists can stay with the members of the family of a house-owner and enjoy different social and cultural interactions that take place in various tourist destinations. In Indian context, Homestay means any house preferably located in a rural setup where the house-owner or the members of his/her family are physically residing in the same premises and earmark some rooms exclusively for the tourists.

Required Eligibility for applying the schemes: – 

  1. There will be a house where the owner of the establishment or members of his/her family will be physically residing.
  2. The minimum floor area of the Homestay should be 120 sq ft for double-bedded room, 100 sq ft for single room and 30sq ft for bathroom.
  3. There should be an easy access from the road to the Homestay.  
  4. There will be minimum one room and maximum six rooms comprising a total of 12 (twelve) beds with preferably western style toilet facilities to be provided for the tourists

Method of applying for the scheme:-

  1. An applicant must apply in prescribed format in Annexure A.
  2. As per article 6.1 and the amendments made therein vide Notification No. 2465/TW-12/25/2019-SECTION dated 26.12.2019 any Homestay Owner meeting the eligibility  criteria detailed in Annexure C may submit the application for registration to the Office of the concerned District Magistrate, indicating the category of Homestay applied for (Category A or B).
  3. The demand draft should be in favour of the concerned District Magistrate and drawn on any scheduled bank payable at concerned district Headquarter.
  4. The registration fee is non-refundable in the case of disqualification of registration.
  5. The registration fee for Category A type of Homestay unit is Rs. 1000/- (Rupees one   thousand only) and that of Category B type is Rs.500/- (Rupees five hundred only)
  1. Repair, Renovation & Allied works of Rupmonjori Tourist Lodge.

  2. Development of Garchumukh Purano Bunglow Site & Anandanikatan Krishtishala, Howrah.

  3. Improvement of road from Gadiara Bus Stand to Govt Tourist lodge under Shyampur -1 Panchayet Samity

  4. Construction of 1st Floor Building on Aranyak, Building at Garchumuk old Bungalows Under Shyampur-1 Panchayet Samity

  5. Public toilet (Gents) at Garchumuk Purano Bungalows site Under Shyampur-I Panchayet Samity.

  6. Complete renovation of Rupmonjori Tourist Lodge (Phase-I)

  7. Complete renovation of Rupmonjori Tourist Lodge (Phase-II) etc.