Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise And Textiles

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Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises and Textiles sectors are one of the dynamic and vibrant segments of the economy of West Bengal. This department provides opportunities for large number of employment with a comparatively lower capital investment. This department also helps in industrialisation of rural and backward areas for economic development of socially and economically weaker section of the people. This department is the nodal office to look after the development of Handloom, Power loom, Hosiery and Readymade garment industries in the state with the support of two central marketing organisations (Tantuja and Resham Silpi) and also state controlled Spinning Mills. The Office of Handloom Dev. Officer, Howrah works under the Directorate of Handloom, Spinning Mills, and Silk Weaving etc. and look after mainly the development for Handloom Weavers related people of Howrah district. This Office provides different schemes for weavers monitors the work of different Primary Weavers Co-operative Societies, Clusters etc. Recently the directorate of Handloom, Spinning Mills, and Silk Weaving etc. makes a “Rural Handloom Haat” for marketing development of weavers of Udaynarayanpur and its surrounding area.

There are   two types of scheme i.e. Welfare scheme and developmental scheme. Both the state and central have been introducing various schemes for welfare, over all development of weaver’s community time to time. For infrastructure development link road and individual work shed have been introduced. Apart from this for marketing support to weavers, “Rural Handloom Haat” complex has been set up at Udaynarayanpur.

The scheme under the Department:-

Only Primary Weavers Cooperative Societies and Handloom Clusters and Group Approach under Cluster are provided and favoured with the handloom scheme sponsored by State and central Govt. At present the following schemes are running 

  1. A) Old age pension to weavers
  2. B) Individual work shed
  3. C) Marketing incentive scheme by state and central Govt.

D} Additional Marketing incentive scheme by state Govt.

  1. E) Handloom Cluster scheme under this so many components for over all development of handloom weavers (Skill Development, distribution of Looms accessories, work shed 
  2. F) Mudra loan Scheme
  3. G) 4% interest Subvention scheme
  4. H) Link road to weavers in weaver’s community area

Required Eligibility for Applying the Schemes:-

 Most of the schemes are favoured and sanctioned to the Primary weavers cooperative societies and clusters except few individual scheme e.g. old age pension and mudra loan. PWCSs and clusters apply for the project and scheme and the same are scrutinised at district level.

Method of Applying For the Scheme:-

The proposals as submitted by the PWCSs/Clusters/SHGs/Individuals to the H.D.O. Howrah shall have to be approved in the meeting of DLC&MC  for Handloom Sector or in the meeting of Khudrasilpo, Bidyut o achirachorito sokti of Howrah Zilla Porisod for handloom weavers. After getting approval from any of the above mentioned concerned meeting proposals are sent to our higher authority for necessary sanction of fund.

As per 4thHandloom Census in Howrah district there are 11127 persons related to handloom industry and 5355 looms. Thirteen (13) numbers of Primary Weavers Co-operative Societies, Five (5) numbers of Clusters including one centrally sponsored Cluster and five (5) self-help groups are working at present. In 2020-21 financial year the total production of cloth of all PWCS’s, Cluster’s, SHG’s and individuals is 557895 sq.mtrs. And total value is Rs. 309.37 lakh & Total sale is 510219 sq.mtrs. And value is Rs. 319.53 lakh. Total 156 weavers entitled to get Rs. 1000/month as old age pension.

Any PWCSs/ Clusters/ SHGs/individuals may inform their grievances to the Handloom Development officer, Howrah. Then HDO, Howrah takes necessary action on the issues.