Animal Resource And Development

Address: Office of the Deputy Director, Animal Resources Development & Parishad Officer, Howrah, Rameswar Malia Prani Sampad Bikash Bhawan, 429, G. T. Road (N), Howrah – 711 101

Phone: 033 – 2666 1556 / 2666 9750 / 7604010034

Email: ddardhowrah[at]darahwb[dot]org     

The Department aims to produce quality animal resources, animal products and improve livelihood of rural people by progressively reducing the gaps in production of milk, meat and eggs through implementation of various schemes, animal health care, breed up-gradation, fodder cultivation, trainings, etc, in comparison to it’s demand. Efforts are taken for modernized commercial farming which leads to increase in milk, meat, egg production, processing, preservation & its marketing with the target to reach the end customer through established supply chain. Animal Resources Development Department has been playing a key role towards self employment & dragging people out of poverty through sustainable income generation & providing better health.

Sl. No. Name of Scheme  About the schemes Required Eligibility for applying the schemes Method of applying for the scheme
1 Backyard Poultry Farming Programme through distribution of chicks & ducklings to individual beneficiaries 28 days old chicks & ducklings are distributed to individual farmers @10 /5 per beneficiary. Spot training are given to the beneficiaries. Scheme include Vaccination, Monitoring etc. Individual of the particular block may apply Individual beneficiary has to apply at the block level to Savapati /BDO with digital ration card
2 Semi Intensive poultry (Layer) farming in convergence with MGNREGA SHGs are provided with 50 Nos. of 28 days old chicks /ducklings. Generally MGNREGA as a part of convergence construct the poultry shed. SHG has to bear the other related costs as poultry feed, feeder, drinker, power, etc. One of the SHG members must have pre constructed 100 sq.ft. Poultry shelter, alternatively MGNREGA has to construct the poultry shed for the group. Once its ready, the particular SHG of the block are provided with chicks /ducklings provided that other requirements are fulfilled SHG beneficiary has to apply at the block level to Savapati /BDO. Reg. No. of SHG, One contact person as member of concerned SHG with ph no., Bank account details are required
3 Livelihood development scheme through distribution of goats to SHG beneficiaries Each SHG are provided with 20 doe + 1 buck = 21 goats, Insurance coverage, medicines, training, etc. Any SHG of the block may apply SHG beneficiary has to apply at the block level to Savapati, BDO & BLDO. Reg. No of SHG., One contact person as member of concerned SHG with ph no., Bank account details are required
4 Kishan Credit Card {K.C.C-A.H} The farmers engaged in rearing of productive animals viz. Cow, Goat, Poultry and Pig are eligible to take Cash Credit Loan from the bank in subsidized rate and simple interest as working capital for maintaining the productive efficiency of animals & birds for a certain period of time SHG /Individual Farmer / J.L.G. etc. engaged in rearing animals & birds are eligible to apply Eligible person /group has to apply to the Block Livestock Development Officer in specified format, enclosing required documents which is followed by primary scrutiny /verification by the concerned BLDO and submission of the application to  certain bank branch for further sanction of the loan. Subsequently, the records are uploaded to concerned portal
5 Heifer Distribution for Livelihood development of  the poor/ marginal farmer through Heifer Rearing Distribution of crossbred /graded heifer to the selected farmers. Farmer are also be provided with cattle feed, renovation cost of existing cattle shed, insurance, Medicine, Training etc. Poor and Marginal farmer interested in income generation through Animal Husbandry with some scope for fodder cultivation Savapati, BDO of the block are to select the beneficiaries as per quota allotted to that particular block.
6 “Mukidhara” It is a convergent scheme of SHG & SE Dept. In ARD convergent schemes – ARD Dept. is supplying inputs, training and technical support to the selected beneficiaries of Model villages Individual /SHG of selected model villages Based on the development plan and interest of Individual /SHG living in the selected Model villages beneficiaries are selected by the block officials and approved by the Savapati /BDO
7 FMDCP UNDER NADCP National Animal Disease Control Programme (NADCP) is a flagship scheme launched in September, 2019 for control of Foot & Mouth Disease by vaccinating 100% cattle, buffalo, sheep, goat and pig population for FMD Open to all farmers with the target to vaccinate susceptible population of cloven footed bovines, small ruminants (sheep and goats) and pigs at six-monthly intervals as mass vaccination with a target to vaccinate bovines from 4-5 months age Animal Health care workers as Prani Bandhu, Prani Mitra, Prani Seebee will pay door to door visit to register the animal in INAPH portal and subsequently vaccination will be done free of cost
8 Brucella CP under NADCP Intensive Brucellosis Control programme in animals is envisaged for controlling Brucellosis which will result in effective management of the disease, in both animals and in humans Open to all farmers having bovine female  calves of 4 to 8 months of age Animal Health care workers as Prani Bandhu, Prani Mitra, Prani Sebee will pay door to door visit to register the animal in INAPH portal and subsequently vaccination will be done free of cost
9 Mobile Veterinary Clinic under RKVY RAFTAAR Reach out farthest marginal farmers for providing better treatment, vaccination, AI, advice for better hygienic and scientific rearing /farming All farmers may take the facilities based on work schedule MVC MVC on vehicle with Veterinary Officer, Para vet & available required medicines, vaccines with other facilities reach out to the distant villages to impart service at door step of animal owners.
10 Animal Health Camp Animal Health Camps are organized at each Block up to GP level beside the facilities provided by Mobile Veterinary Clinics throughout the year. Primary treatment, mass vaccination, awareness, etc. are organized in those camps. The camps are organized for protecting animal health and for optimization of productivity of the animals & birds Open to all farmers as per the camp schedule The camps are organized as per requirement, disease outbreak, disaster, part of implementation of schemes, etc. Public representatives play vital role in providing suggestions & organisation of camps
11 Modified Bisesh Go Sampad Bikash Avijan Identification, tagging of female calf born out of Artificial Insemination (AI), awareness building, distribution of free medicines & coverage under vaccination for making them available for AI at optimum age. Farmers possessing female calf born out of AI within the age of 06(Six) months to first oestrous Block wise assigned target is fixed depending up on female calf born out of AI
12 Artificial Insemination (AI) etc. Coverage under AI for available breedable cattle & buffalo round the year vis-a-vis online reporting through ePBGSBS Management System for producing upgraded & cross breed cattle in order to produce more milk with minimum cost Farmers possessing breedable cattle & buffalo Door step AI service & reporting system for farmers
13 Monthly Incentive Scheme for eligible AI Workers & Pranimitras Rs. 5000/- per month incentive for eligible AI Workers & Pranimitras depending on the marks scored by them for rendering door step services to the rural people Enlisted Pranimitras, Pranibandhus and Pranisebees of ARD & other departments. They need to score eligible marks every month depending on various door step services to the rural people regarding AI, vaccination, online reporting, animal heath camp, implementation of departmental schemes & other departmental activities Door step AI service, vaccination & reporting system for farmers
14 Breeding Policy Evaluation Survey Evaluation of existing breeding policy of the state through online method Collection & uploading of necessary data in ePBGSBS Management System using virtual platform to evaluate existing breeding policy & formulation of future strategy Collection & uploading of necessary data in ePBGSBS Management System specially collected from the progressive farmers
15 ePBGSBS Management System Digitization of necessary data & records of the Department in web portal Collection & uploading of necessary data in ePBGSBS Management System using virtual platform round the year Layered admins upload & approve the same for making it available on virtual domain
TREATMENT 390862 400087
VACCINATION 251805 91968
KCC-AH 0 18
AHC – 1459
TREATMENT – 210959
AHC – 1580

Grievance Redressal:

Each Head of the office address it accordingly. At the block level it is addressed by BLDO/VO and at the district level the same is addressed by Deputy Director, ARD & PO, Howrah. 

How beneficiaries are selected at block level?

They are generally selected by joint decision of Savapati, BDO & BLDO of the block

Do Poultry feed is also supplied with chick/duckling distribution?

Generally no.

Is insurance done in goat and heifer distribution scheme?


What is the rate of interest of KCC-AH loan?

Around 4%.

Is there any provision of construction of animal/birds rearing shed?

Yes, It is generally done through MGNREGA as convergence.

Is FMD/PPR/HS-BQ/GOAT POX vaccines are safe for pregnant animals?

Yes, safe.

What are the MVC operating blocks?

Currently operating at Amta-I, Amta-II, Shyampur-I & Udaynarayanpur block only.

Mention the name of service provider & centres where AI facilities are available?

BAHC, ABAHC, ADAC are the AI centers; PB, PM, PS & other AI workers provide the facilities at door step.

How death insurance is claimed?

The beneficiary must intimate the Block level ARD officials immediately after the death of the livestock so that rest of the procedures may be done correctly.

Is cruelty to animals & birds punishable?


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