Food & Supplies

Food & Supplies Department

Address:- Office of the District Controller, Food & Supplies,

7, Rishi Bankim Chandra Road, New Collectorate Building, 2nd Floor, Howrah, Pin- 711101


Tel- 033 2641-1943


About the Department: 

  1. Provide food grains through PDS to eligible beneficiaries.
  2. Procurement of Paddy from the marginal farmers at the minimum support price.
  3. Crushing of procured paddy to supply rice through PDS.

Structure of the Department: The Department comprises of 10 (Ten) Directorates namely: 

  1.  Directorate of District Distribution, Procurement & Supply (DDP&S)
  2.  Directorate of Rationing
  3.  Directorate of Finance
  4.  Directorate of Consumer Goods
  5.  Directorate of Textiles
  6.  Directorate of Storage
  7.  Directorate of Non-Cereal Essential Commodities
  8.  Directorate of Transportation
  9.  Directorate of Statistics
  10.  Directorate of Inspection & Quality Control

The hierarchy of the District Office of Food & Supplies Department, Howrah is as follows:

Office of the District Controller, Food & Supplies, Howrah 

  1. Office of the Sub-Divisional Controller, Food & Supplies, Howrah (Sadar)
  2. Office of the Sub-Divisional Controller, Food & Supplies, Uluberia

Schemes under the Department: 

  •  Khadyasathi Scheme
    • NFSA
      • AAY Rice- 15 Kg/family
      • AAY Atta- 19 Kg/family
      • PHH & SPHH Rice- 2 Kg/head
      • PHH & SPHH Atta- 2 Kg 850 Gm/head
    • RKSY-I Rice- 2Kg/head
    • RKSY-I Wheat- 3Kg/head
    • RKSY-II Rice- 1Kg/head
    • RKSY-II Wheat- 1Kg/head
  • Paddy Procurement- Minimum Support Price Rs. 1888/- per Quintal for CPC & Rs. 1868/- per Quintal for Societies for the KMS 2020-21.

Required Eligibility for applying the schemes: Eligibility of a family for getting a Digital Ration Card is based on the fulfillment of the various criteria as mentioned in respective Forms. The various types of Forms along with their purpose are shown below:

  1. Form- 3- Apply for a New Ration Card of a family.
  2. Form- 4- Apply for Ration Card for a new member of a family.
  3. Form- 5- Apply for correction of Details in the existing Ration Card.
  4. Form- 6- Apply for a change of Ration shop.
  5. Form- 7- Surrender/Cancel Existing Ration card.
  6. Form- 8- Apply for change of Ration Card category.
  7. Form- 9- Apply for Duplicate Ration Card.
  8. Form- 10- Apply for a Non-Subsidized Ration Card.
  9. Form- 11- Apply for updation of Mobile Number and Aadhar Card for already existing Ration card.
  10. Form- 12- Application for unblocking of Digital Ration Card.
  11. Form- 13- Application for change of Ration shop/Kerosene Oil shop of Part family.
  12. Form- 14- Application of an Individual for shifting to a new family. 

Method of applying for the scheme:- The application for the various schemes can be done by both online and offline mode. The applicant can fill up and submit the form through the website or else can fill up and submit the hard copy of the Form to the Block Inspector Office of the Food & Supplies Department.

    1. Beneficiaries receiving food grains under Khadyasathi Scheme in Howrah District
      1. Free of Cost- 47,47,076

      2. % of the total population covered under Khadyasathi Scheme- 97.87%

      3. % of the eligible population covered under Khadyasathi Scheme: 97.87%

    2. Procurement in Howrah District

      1. Target of Procurement for KMS 2020-21- 1,50,000 MT

      2. Achieved in KMS 2020-21- 1,50,003.165 MT

    3. Status of Digital Ration Card

      1. % of Digitization- 100

      2. %Distribution of DRCs- 47,47,076

      3. % of Distribution- 97.87%

    4. Digitization of Public Distribution System

      1. 100% transaction through e-POS implemented in this district

    5. Biometric Aadhar Seeding

      1. Biometric Aadhar Seeding with Digital Ration Card is undertaken through WTL Agency/e-POS/Block Inspector (F&S)/BSK.

For more details click below to visit the Government of West Bengal Website:

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Grievance Redressal: Toll-Free Number- 1800 345 5505 / 1967