Luchi with Aloor Tarkari

Type:   Appetizers

Luchi ar alur torkari is a popular Bengali traditional breakfast from the Eastern part of the country.In other parts of India fried flatbreads involves addition of whole wheat flour and are called poories but luchi are inherently made of only refined flour and look white and fluffy. Served with potato curries called Alur torkari in Bengali.The perfection which goes into preparation of luchi can be hailed from the stories heard in Rabindranath Tagore’s family called “Jorashako Thakur bari”. Rabindranath Tagore was very fond of “luchi” and preferred it perfect white and would eat only the fluffy part of it.
The potato curries may differ from region to region and in vary from family to family. In this particular recipe we add panch phoron( Panch meaning 5 and phoron meaning seasonings) or Bengali five spice mix,red chili and asafoetida powder as seasonings. One can add salt and sugar as per taste.