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Line Departments
Profile Picture Name Designation Email Phone Fax Address
No Image Sri Asoke Sinha Roy General Manager, District Industries Centre gmhw[dot]msse-wb[at]nic[dot]in 033-2666-8864
No Image Sri Santanu Kumar Sinha Officer In Charge, Office of the District Inspector of Schools(Secondary Education) di[dot]se[dot]howrah[at]gmail[dot]com
No Image Sri Dipankar Roy Officer In Charge, Office of the District Inspector of Schools(Primary Education) dipe[dot]howrah2013[at]gmail[dot]com
No Image Sri Sarvodaya Kr Saha Officer In Charge, fisheries
No Image Sri Ashish Sarkar Officer In Charge, Office of the Deputy Labour Commissioner dlcofhowrah[at]gmail[dot]com
No Image Sri Soumyajit Chowdhury Officer In Charge, Howrah Zilla Regulated Market Committee hzillarmc[at]gmail[dot]com
No Image Sri Aloke Kumar Mondal Officer In Charge, Horticulture Department dlcofhowrah[at]gmail[dot]com
No Image Sri Swarup Bakshi Officer In Charge, Animal Resource Development ddardhowrah[at]darahwb[dot]org