Revenue General Section

Name of the Officer-in-Charge Sri Pranabesh Mondal ,WBCS(EXE)
Contact Details Old Collectorate Building, 1st Floor, Howrah.
Phone no. 033-2641-2883
Name of the Staff

1. Sri Arjun Kumar Bag,  O.S.

  • ASPIO under Right to Information Act,2005 & RTI Appeal.   
  • Repair of Type Writer Machine & Computer,
  • Maintenance of J.J. Act under Govt. Non-Govt, Homes & different N.G.O.s
  • Maintenance of Xerox Machine & Franking Machine.
  • Remuneration to the staff of General Deptt.
  • I.S.OI. Certificate
  • Will hold the entire supervision of the Departmental work.
  • Any other work that may be assigned by the Superior Authority.

2. Smt. Sankari Roy (Biswas), H.A.

  •  Allotment of Govt. Flat (RG)
  • Citizenship.
  • Audit Query of A.G.W.B. and its compliance.
  • Attendance report and monthly absentee statement of staff.
  • Distribution of work.
  • Transfer & posting of staff.
  • CL/EL/CCL/Commu. Leave of staff (RG).
  • Inspection of Commissioner.
  • Maintenance of contractual employees monthly report.
  • Guard File
  • Any other work that may be assigned by the Superior Authority.

3. Sri Swapan Kr. Ghosh,UDC.

  • Industry & Pollution
  • Food & Coal
  • Identity Card
  • Assembly/Parliament Question
  • Any other work that may be assigned by the Superior Authority.

4. Sambhu nath Dutta,Typist,Gr.

  • Land Loser/E.C.
  • P.G. Cell
  • Nodal Officer U/s 80 CPC
  • Discretionary grant from Governor[CM/DM/etc.
  • Any other work that may be assigned by the Superior Authority.

5. Smt. Sumita Roy,UDC.

  • Total affairs related to the Central Despatch Section.
  • S.S.S. Pension
  • Any other work that may be assigned by the Superior Authority.

6. Smt. Keka Sarkar, U.D.C.

  • Issue & receipt
  • Indexing of file
  • Any other work that may be assigned by the Superior Authority.

7. Sri Subrata Ghosh, UDC

  • Examination and Education.
  • L.P.G.
  • Home Guard/NVF matters (JG)
  • Any other work that may be assigned by the Superior Authority.

8. Sri Basanta Bhattacharjee,UDC.

  • P.V.R.
  • Any other work that may be assigned by the Superior Authority.

9. Sri Subodh Kr. Kanrar, Re-Employee.

  • Annual Administrative Report (AAR)
  • Office Inspection Report
  • Forms & Stationery
  • Type & Computer work under General Deptt.
  • To Assist Central Despatch in urgency.
  • Any other work that may be assigned by the Superior Authority.
Duties of the Department & Services
  • Compilation of Audit Para and monitoring thereof
  • Inspection Report of Different Deptt./Sec. and follow-up action thereof
  • Discretionary Grants of District Magistrate
  • Financial assistance to clubs of Govt. employees
  • Grant-in-Aids
  • Grants to different N.G.O’s
  • Allotment of Rental flats in Housing Estates to Govt. employees
  • Petition of Public Grievance
  • L.P.G matters, Land looser cases
  • Maintenance of Index, Issue and Receipt Register
  • Issue of Identity Cards to Officers and members of staff
  • Execution of Govt. orders among the Collectorate an d other offices with regard to attendance
  • All  miscellaneous matters not dealt with any other Department/Section
  • PRC and Citizenship Certificate matters
  • PVR matters
  • Census matters
  • RTI matters
  • SSS Pension
  • Matter related to Freedom, Fighters
  • Central Dispatch matters.
Administrative Structure (HR) of the Section
Relevant acts guideline & circulars (for public domain)
Land Loser Matter
This section received application from Land Loser and sent to Spl.LAO(G) for enquiry and after receiving the enquiry report these are sent to the Director of Employment for enrolment of name as Exempted Category (E.C.)


Total nos. of application received
No.of cases sent to the LAO(G) for enquiry
No of cases sponsored to the Director, E.C.Cell
LPG Cases
This section deals with the work of Renewal of LPG selling license and issues temporary non-domestic LPG permit to various organizations and institutions and realize the renewal fees @Rs.5000/- per annum per dealer.


  • No. of application received for renewal of LPG license – 36
  • No. of application sent for enquiry to DCFS, Howrah – 24
  • No. of LPG license renewed- 24
  • No of licenses not renewed for want of enquiry report from, DCFS – 12
  • Total Rs. 1,75,000/- have been realized in the year  -
  • Non-domestic LPG Permit holder in this District – 01
Audit queries
The General Department looks after the matters and receipt of queries from the Audit Party, the same is sent to the different Department/Section for reply of the queries within the stipulated period.
On receipt of the reply, the same is complied and arranged for submission of the same to the Audit party for their information and taking necessary action .
As regards old para, this office asks the concerned department/ section to submit para-wise replies. Having receipt o that para-wise replies this office arrange for sending the said complied report to the Audit office i.e. office of the Accountant General, West Bengal, Treasury Building/Commissioner,Presidency Division, Kolkata, as the case may be.
Public Grievence Cell

A separate section under General  Department has been functioning under the Deputy Magistrate & Deputy Collector, with one Upper Division Assistant and one Lower Division Assistant posted to look after the work The cell is commonly known as “Public Grievance and Assistance Cell”.


Generally P.G. Cell receive d two types of applications those pertaining to allegations against  various Govt/Semi-Govt. bodies and those pertaining to other matters. Maximum number of petitions relate to the problems of private in nature. The cell sends the petitions to Deptt. Concerned for causing enquiry under intimation to the petitioners. This Cell sends Monthly and Quarterly progress report to the Commissioner, Presidency Division, Kolkata.


  • No. of petition pending at the end of  - 20
  • No. of petition received in - 222
  • Against Govt. staff
  • Anti-social activities
  • Filling of tank
  • Illegal construction.
  • Atrocities upon women
  • Miscellaneous
  • Total (A+B) - 242
  • No. of petition disposed of during the year      : 142
  • No. of petition pending as on - 64

Identity Cards

Identity Cards  for officers and staff members are issued from this Section. On receipt of application for Identity Cards for Officers, this office forwards the same to Govt. After receiving the Identity Cards those are handed over to concerned Officer.


Identity Cards issued during the year

Cards issued in favour of
Application received
Cards issued
Medical Offers
Other than Officers
Housing Matter
Rental Housing Estates are allotted to Govt. employees on the basis of the pay.
RHE under the control of District Magistrate are situated at four locations details of which are as follows :
Name of RHE: 193, Andul Road Gr-C Gr-D
Number of Flats 88 64
No. of unauthorized occupatants of flats at present Nil Nil
Name of RHE Baltikuri Gr-C Gr.-D
No. of Flats 40 24
No of unauthorized occupations of flats at present Nil Nil
Name of RHE 197, Andul Road Gr.-B
No. of Flats   10
No. of unauthorized occupatants of flats at present. Nil
Name of RHE Ghoshpara Gr.B
No. of Flats 36
No. of unauthorized occupatants of flats at present Nil
Name of RHE B Type RHE C type RHE D type RHE Total
Ghoshpara 04 Nil Nil 04
197 Andul Road 06 Nil Nil 06
193 Andul Road Nil 09 04 13
Baltikuri Nil 01 01 02
Permanent Residence Certificate/Citizenship Certificate
This section deals with the work of issuing PRC to the candidates seeking employment in Military and Para Military Forces, PRC is also issued to the student candidates seeking admission in Sainik School, Purulia etc. As present different Government and Autonomous Body and different Colleges of other States are asking for Permanent Resident Certificate. The Citizenship Certificates are only recommended from this end on the basis of various documents submitted by the applicants.


  • Permanent Resident Certificate: Does not arise
  • Total no. of applications received      : Dose not arise
  • Total no. of cases allowed and issued certificate N.A.
  • No. of cases rejected - NA
  • Enquiry pending by the SP,DIB Howrah  Does not arise
Cenral Dispatch Central Dispatch Section is controlled by t he General Department. Through this section all letters of the Collect orate are dispatched. The service postage stamp A/c and related registers are verified every month. A Postal franking machine is being maintained at the section to facilitate issuance of letters. An account in this respect is shown here under.
  1. Opening balance of Service Postage Stamp         :Rs. 22,674
  2. Drawal during the year   Rs. 50,000/-
  3. Service Postage Stamp utilized during the year
  4. Closing balance as on  08.09.2014 Rs. 22726/-  Received

  A) No. of letters received during the year  RG-752 JG- 182  RG 1.7.14 to 8.9.14=310
B) No. of letters dispatched during the year by post -2463 JG 1.7.14 to 8.9.14= 41
C) No. of letters dispatched though Courier service. Nil Issue-1.7.14 to 8.9.14=146 Original
D) No . of letters dispatched through Spl.Messenger- 485  Copy 260

PVR Cases


  • No of cases pending last year
  • No. of applications received
  • Total no. of cases verified and sent to employers
  • No. of cases lying at the end of S.P.,DIB for inquiry


  • Total no. of applications received : 152
  • No of cases where access granted : 112