Licence Section

Name of the Officer-in-Charge Sri Arnab Roy, WBCS(Exe)
Contact Details
Name of the Staff
  1. Shri Nirmal Chakraborty, (Retd. Employee), Dealing Assistant
  2. Shri Gobinda Ch. Manna, Gr-D
  3. Shri Jiban Kumar Biswas, Gr-D
Duties of the Department & Services
This section generally deals with issue of License i.e. Fire Licence, Fire Works Licence, Solvents, Naptha, Sulphur, Cinema (Amusements), N.O.C For Petroleum / Diesel, NOC for new LPG Outlets, Sarai Licences & permission for various cultural Programme, for Sarat Sadan, Howrah.
Administrative Structure (HR) of the Section
Function in details and public service provided
  • Issue of new Fire License.
  • Issue of Fire Works License.
  • Issue of License of Solvents.
  • Issue of License of Naptha.
  • Issue of License of Sulphur
  • Issue of License of Cinema (Amusements).
  • Issue of License of Sarai.
  • N.O.C for Petroleum / Diesel.
  • N.O.C for new LPG Outlets.
  • Permission for various Cultural Programme.
Relevant acts guideline & circulars (for public domain)