Arms License

Name of the Officer-in-Charge Sri Arnab Roy, WBCS(Exe)
Contact Details
Name of the Dealing Assistant Sri Himasu Kumar Saha, U.D.C.
Duties of the Department & Services This section generally deals with issue of Arms License & other related services regarding Arms.
Administrative Structure (HR) of the Section Flow
Public Service
  • Issue new Arms License to the public within the district
  • Renewal of Arms License annually in the month of December of each year. Besides that renewal for defaulted licensee has been made throughout the year.
  • Re-registration of Arms is made for the Arms Licensee of the other district / state.
  • Issue of No Objection Certificate to the Licensee who want to transfer their license from this district.
  • Permission for purchase of Cartridge by the existing licensees.
  • Permission of carrying arms by the licensee of this district beyond district & State
  • Permission for Sell of Arms by the licensee and surrender of license
  • Permission for Change of Retainer 

Regarding process of renewal of Arms Licence:-
1. For renewal of a licence for arms or ammunitions an applicant has to submit Form A-3(for individuals) / Form A- 4(for companies) at least sixty days prior to the expiry of the said licence with the licencing authority along with the documents specified in the form and submission of requisite fee.
2. Filled in form along with all documents be sent to police authority for antecedent report.
3. The licence be renewed by the authority within a period of thirty days of receipt of the police report if found satisfactory.

Renewal of Arms License:-
Generally renewal of all kinds of Arms License are being has been made throughout the year as per norms.
However, during the month of December in each year a special camp for renewal of Arms has been made at Sub-Divisions as well as different Block Offices and District Head Quarter.

Acts & Rules administered by the Section