Transport Department

Name of RTO Sri Partha Pratim Mukherjee
Contact Details E-mail:- rtohowrah[at]gmail[dot]com
Name of the Staff
  1. Sri Somenath Banerjee,ARTO
  2. Sri Partha Pratim Mukhopadhya,ARTO
  3. Sri Amit Adhikary,M.V.I. N/T
  4. Sri Biswanath Chakraborty,M.V.I. N/T
  5. Sri Anjan Mitra,M.V.I. N/T
  6. Sri Biswanath Routh,M.V.I. N/T
  7. Sri Amitava majumder,M.V.I. N/T
  8. Sri Jayanta Dey,M.V.I. N/T
  9. Sri Pritam Sadhukahan,M.V.I. N/T
  10. Sri Biplab Mandal,M.V.I. N/T
  11. Sri Goutam Maitra,M.V.I. T
  12. Sri Ajay Dey,M.V.I. T
  13. Sri Goutam Goswami,M.V.I. T
Duties of the Department & Services
  • Registration of all types of Motor Vehicles.
  • Issuance of all types of Route Permits for Buses.
  • Issuance of all types of permits for Goods Vehicles i.e. Truck Permit / All Bengal / National Permit.
  • Collection of all types of M.V. Taxes and fees as per provision of W.B.M.V. Rules and W.B.M.V. Tax Act 1979 (amended up to 19945) and Additional & One Time Tax Act 1992.
  • Collection of fees including driving licence fees, permit fees, Registration fees, C.F. fees, T.O. Fees, C.A. fees etc. as per provision of M.V. Act 1988 & Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989 & W.B.M.V. Rules 1989.
  • Realization of Tax & Penalties through M.V. Act & Rules  
  • Realization of Tax & Fines for violation of M.V. Act & Rules through enforcement activities.
Administrative Structure (HR) of the Section
Relevant acts guideline & circulars (for public domain)
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