Rastriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan

Name of the Officer-in-Charge Smt. Sharadwati Chowdhury, WBCS(Exe)
Contact Details Telephone No: - 033-2640-4353, Fax: - 033-2637-7671
Address:-1, Rishi Bankim Chandra Road, Howrah-711101, Old Collectorate (Annex Building), Room No.-10, 1st Floor.
Name of the Staff
Duties of the Department & Services

The main functions of this Department are as follows:
1.Infrastructural Support :- To achieve the goals of Rastriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan the following Infrastructural Facilities are provided to the secondary and higher secondary schools for strengthening :-
i. Additional Class Rooms (ACR)
ii. Integrated Science Laboratory
iii. Computer Rooms
iv. Library Rooms
v. Arts & Crafts Rooms
vi. Toilet Block (categorised into boys & girls and CWSN)
vii. Drinking Water
viii. Resource Rooms for CWSN
ix. Ramp with Hand Rail for CWSN
x. Boundary walls
The facilities are given to the secondary and higher secondary schools on the basis of planning made on field verification report and U-DISE data.
2.Retention :- For 100% retention of students in schools, Free Text Book Grant, Annual Grant (Sports, music, dance, painting, culture, teaching aids, purchase of books, periodicals, newspaper etc., purchase of need based educational materials for students with disabilities), Transport and Escort Facilities, Aids and Appliances, Braille Books and Large Print Books etc. to disabled students are provided.
3. Training :- Under RMSA Training of teachers with special emphasis are imparted on the following points:
i. English teachers
ii. Science teachers
iii. Teacher for CWSN
iv. Teacher for counselling
v. Physical Education
4. Projects on Science & Maths – (RAA) :- The following programmes are organised :-
a) Excursion Trip for students : to encourage the students and correlate their learning and future educational development or planning.
b) Book Fair / Science Exhibition
c) Science kit
5. Project Kala Utsav :- This programme is organized in school level in group form. Competition is organized on Kala Utsav at District Level and State Level on four field namely Visual arts, Theatre, Music and Dance. Award is given for group performance.
6.Enhancing Quality :- For enhancing quality of teachers, subject wise teacher training on new syllabus are imparted and training on ICT (Information and Communication Technology) to the teachers are also provided.
7.IEDSS (Inclusive Education for Disabled at Secondary Stage) :-
a).Strengthening the identification system of CWSN: Emphasis is given to streamline the process of identification of CWSN.
b)Procurement of Aids And Appliances: Fund for procurement of Aids and Appliances is proposed for identified CWSN. c)Full coverage of CWSN: Initiatives is taken for 100% coverage of CWSN through regular schools.
d).Teachers Training :- Emphasis is given to make source person from in service teachers through RCI Foundation course.
e) Strengthening the Resource Room :- To provide support services including remedial teaching to the CWSN & to implement Therapeutic Management.
f).Transport Allowance: A number of Children with ASD, CP, HI, and Multiple Disabilities are enrolled under different schools. Transport allowance is considered for those categories of CWSN. All Girls with disabilities are also considered for the transport allowance.
g)Escort Allowance: Apart from transport allowance, Escort allowance is proposed for the CWSN with Lower extremity disabilities, Blindness and Mental Retardation enrolled under different schools.
h).Braille Book and Large Print Book: Braille Book and Large Print Book is required to be procured for Visual Impaired Students.
8. Project- Girls Empowerment :-Training in Martial Arts to all girls / Self Defence : To instil a sense of self sufficiency among girl students and prevent any probable slip from the mainstream education system. On 27.09.2016, 28.09.2016 and 29.09.2016, 492 Nos. DRP will be given training on Self Defence.
9.Management Information System :-The best practices for implementing Education Management Information Systems (EMIS) is to improve planning, organizational efficiencies, data collection and analysis, information sharing and transparency in the education sector, especially as these activities may relate to helping meet objectives related to Education.
Student Data Base Management Information System (SDMIS) :- Detailed information of each and every student of schools is being incorporated in the aforesaid data base from the year 2016.

Administrative Structure (HR) of the Section  
District Planning Committee and Preparation of District Plan

The composition of District RMSA Committee is :-
­ Savadhipati, Zilla Parishad, - Chairman.
­ District Magistrate – Executive Vice-Chairman
­ Karmadhyaksha, Siksha Sthayee Samity, Zilla Parishad – Vice -Chairman
­ District Inspector of School (S.E.).-Member
­ Dist. Mass Education Extension Officer – Member
­ Dist. Engineer, Zilla Parisad - Member
­ District Project Officer, RMSA- Member Secretary.
In every year as per U-DISE and Field Verification report Intervention wise proposal for AWP&B is sent to Project Approval Board through State Project Office for Approval.

Monthly Reports

• Monthly Fund Flow & Cash Flow Statement.
• Monthly Progress Report on Civil intervention.

Relevant acts guideline & circulars (for public domain) All Allotment Orders, Circulars etc. are uploaded in District web site through DIO- NIC
Success Stories

Kala Utsav, Self-Defence