Mid-Day Meal Section

Name of the Officer-in-Charge Shri Manmohan Bhattacharyya, WBCS(Exe)
Contact Details Address: 7, Rishi Bankim Chandra Road, New Collectorate Building, 2nd Floor, Howrah – 711101
Telephone No.-033-2637-0069
Name of the Staff
  1. Bijan Banerjee,Group-‘D’
  2. Chandan Bagchi,Accountant(Retired Employee)
  3. Rajib Kumar,Cashier-in-Charge MDM
  4. Ashok Kumar Samanta,Data Entry Operator
  5. Sougata Sett,Data Entry Operator
Duties of the Department & Services

1. To receive the fund and food-grains allotted for the scheme and arrange for distribution of the same to every school with the help of the SDOs and BDOs as per requirement at least one month in advance.
2. To ensure smooth flow of fund and food-grains throughout the year in his district.
3. To ensure full lifting of good quality of allotted food-grains within valid date in close obedience to quality control measures.
4. To ensure that regular monitoring is done at all levels so that the scheme is implemented smoothly as per Govt. guidelines.
5. To ensure Steering-cum-Monitoring Committees, (SMC) are properly formed and their meeting held once every month and follow up action on the basis of decisions arrived at the meeting.
6. To send feedback of all SMC meetings to the State Government by 15th of each month for the preceding month.
7. To ensure that reports and returns including Quarterly Progress Reports(QPR) on Monthly Consumption Report of food-grains, Monthly Monitoring and Inspection Report, Monthly Report on Payment of food-grains to FCI and Annual Work Plan & Budget (AWP&B) etc. as per schedule given below are sent to the State Government in time:

To be sent by
a) QPR
By 20th July
By 20th October
By 20th January
By 20th April
b) Monthly Rice Consumption Report By 15th of each month for the preceding month
c) Monthly Report on Expenditure (cooking cost) By 15th of each month for the preceding month
d) Monthly report on SMC meetings By 15th of each month for the preceding month
e) Monthly Monitoring and Inspection Report By 15th of each month for the preceding month
f) Monthly Report on payment of food-grains to FCI By 15th of each month for the preceding month
g) Annual Works Plan and Budget By 15th Feb. every year for next year
8. To ensure that due publicity of the MDM Programme is done through various modes of public communication so that the implementing agencies as well as the public become aware of the detail of the MDM scheme and get maximum benefit out of it.
9. To ensure that the grievance redressal mechanism is in place and operational, as per existing instructions in his district including erection of Display Boards at all schools.
10. To arrange for external evaluation of the MDM scheme.
11. To ensure convergence with the other programme (like MGNREGA, MISSION NIRMAL BANGLA, Fishery, NRLM, BEUP etc.) for better implementation of the MDM scheme.
12. To ensure that Audit queries are met in time.
13. To ensure that Mid-Day-Meal is run in every eligible school uninterrupted.
14. To ensure that adequate water connection is made in every school with the help of the other line departments, implementing rural water supply scheme.
15. To Monitor construction of kitchen sheds as per allotment.
16. To organize training for cooks by experts for ensuring clean and hygienic varied menu as per local tests and customs.
17. To ensure monthly payment to FCI against supply of rice/wheat as per bills to be raised by FCI with supporting documents.
18. To ensure payment of transport rebate to the distributors and dealers of MDM timely.
19. To engage SHGs for cooking of MDM wherever such SHGs are available and ensure timely payment of cooking cost and honorarium to cook cum helpers as per approved rates.
20. To ensure regular inspection and monitoring of the scheme through field level functionaries and regular compilation of report at Block, Municipal, Sub-division and District levels through computerization and internet facilities.
21. He is also to ensure that the line department officials specially the officers of School Education Department, Health Department and Food & Supplies Deptt. are fully associated with the programme as per Govt. circulars.
22. For ensuring all the above noted duties and responsibilities a well managed and adequately manned modern office is run (MDM Cell) at the Collectorate equipped with computers and broadband facilities. He is also to ensure continuity of tenure of the officer in-charge of the MDM and other dealing assistants to avoid disruptions in the system.
23. Taking Special Initiative on safety and hygienic storage of food-grains by allotting Grain Bins.

Services Offered

1. Drawl of fund and lifting of food-grains and arranging distribution of the same to each and every school.
2. Actual implementation of supply of cooked mid day meal to school children between Class I to Class VIII in Government and Government aided schools across the State.
3. Monitoring of the overall implementation of the scheme.
4. Submission of reports and returns as per Govt. norms.

Administrative Structure (HR) of the Section Flow
Relevant acts guideline & circulars (for public domain) National Programme of Nutrition Support to Primary Education

The Government of India initiated the National Programme of Nutritional Support to Primary Education (NP-NSPE) on 15 August 1995. The objective of the scheme is to help improve the effectiveness of primary education by improving the nutritional status of primary school children. Now It is known as Cooked Mid-Day Meal Programme(CMDMP).The Scheme is protected under the order of the Supreme Court. 

Printed Guidelines of the state in vernacular is available with the concerned office at all levels.

Reports (of lat six months)
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Success Stories

In connection with celebration of Siksha Saptaha, fund has been released to the Blocks towards construction of Kitchen shed for 74 Primary Schools, 48 Upper Primary schools, 203 SSK and 22 MSK, total 347. Fund for Utensils has also been released to 865 no. of Schools.