Minority Affairs and Madrasha Education

Name of the Officer-in-Charge Smt. Amrita Barman Roy , WBCS (Exe)
Contact Details
Telephone No: - 033-2638-2301, Fax: - 033-2638-2301
Name of the Staff
  1. Sri. Kali Sankar Bhattacharya;   
  2. M.D.O.Ashoke Kumar Sen,   U.D.C.
  3. Najrul Islam Mallick,    Group'C'.
  4. Tausif Molla, D.E.O .
  5. Palashpriya Samanta, D.E.O. .
  6. Razi Ahmed, Education Supervisor.
  7. Shamim Ahmed, Field Supervisor.
  8. Mahua Dey, Computer Operator
  9. Sampa Seth, Computer Operator
Duties of the Department & Services
  • Government of West Bengal is committed to the accelerated development of the minorities with a view to uplifting their socio-economic and educational status. Pursuant to this commitment, several new schemes and activities have been taken up by the government. Many Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are also working towards development and welfare of minorities. Such NGOs would be supported by the State Government to enhance their effectiveness and reach.
  • Vision:-Empowering the minority communities and creating an enabling environment for strengthening the multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-religious character of our nation.
  • Mission:-To improve the socio-economic conditions of the minority communities through affirmative action and inclusive development so that every citizen has equal opportunity to participate actively in building a vibrant nation. To facilitate an equitable share for minority communities in education, employment, economic activities and to ensure their upliftment.
  • Geetanjali:-EWS housing scheme has been re-named as Geetanjali cater the need of dwelling place of the weaker section of the society.
  • of Destitute Women:-In many cases the destitute women has to undergo a root-less life being deprived of all corners. This scheme is the introduction to rehabiliate them primarily by arranging a permanent dwelling place for them.
  • Ladies bi-cycle:- This scheme is an attempt to promote girls’ education in the society and also to create confidence in their life and achieve empowerment.
  • Boundary wall:- The graveyard is the place where the soul may rest in peace. To maintain the sanctity and prevent under hazards the scheme “Construction of Boundary-wall surrounding graveyard has been launched.
Administrative Structure (HR) of the Section
Functions in detail & Public Services Provided

Geetanjali: A sum of Rs. 1.67Lakhs is given to each selected beneficiaries lying in the category of B.P.L. Selection is done through a Committe consists of the S.D.O., the B.D.O., The Sabhapati and the concern MLA.

The Selected list is sent to MAME deptt. who forwards the same to the Housing Deptt. for clearance of releasing fund.

Rehabilitation of Destitute Woman: A sum of Rs. 1 Lakh is given to each selected destitute women for construction of low cost house for her. The list of selected beneficiaries in prescribed  format is sent by the Block duly signed by the B.D.O.and the Sabhadhpati, to the MAME deptt., Howrah., wchich is resent to the MAMe, Deptt. for accordance of approval and release of fund.

Ladies Bi-cycle: This bi-cycles at the initial stage in the year 2012 were given to all the girls’ of Std IX to XII for Govt. aided recognised High Madrasah and in the subsequent years the students of Std IX (newly enrolled) are given the bi-cycles.

Graveyard:  The Graveyard Committe has to apply in prescribed format with plan and vetted  estimate to the MAME Deptt, Howrah, which after due inspection , checking is forwarded to the MAME Deptt. for accordance of approval and release of fund.

Term Loan Scheme: Loan upto Rs. 1.00 lac (upto Rs. 5.00 lacs with the approval of NMDFC).  A Guarantor required.  Application time- mid-February to mid-March and mid-August to mid-September at BDO / Panchayat Samity Office (for rural areas) and SDO office (for municipality areas) in prescribed format. Repayment : 20 Quarterly instalments in 5 years.

Cluster Loan Scheme: Loan upto Rs. 25,000 without Guarantor in selected cluster areas (one or two GPs or few wards of Municipality / Municipal Corporation).  Application form sold from & received at pre-announced place & time.  Repayment in 30 monthly installments.

Micro Finance Direct to SHGs: Small loans for income generating economic activities provided directly to members of SHG, specially women @5% interest p.a. Repayment in 18/24 months. Applications through Filed Supervisors of WBMDFC.

Minority Women Empowerment Programme: This programme is launched by MAME deptt. for providing soft loan to SHGs for undertaking any income generation activity. Subsidy upto Rs.15000/- is given to each beneficiary. Applications on advertisement at BDO/ Municipality office.

Educational Loan: Maximum Rs. 2.5 lacs for pursuing professional courses like Medical, Engineering, Management, Nursing etc.  Interest free in case of timely repayment in two years. Online Application time- July/August every year.

Merit-cum-Means Scholarship: Scholarship upto Rs. 30,000/- per year per student is given for pursuing professional / technical courses at graduate and post graduate level. Online application in July / August every year. Family Income upto Rs.2.5 Lakh.

Post Matric Scholarship: Scholarship is given to students for pursuing studies from class XI to PhD. Yearly maintenance to students Rs. 1400/- & 2350/-, 1850/-, & 3350/- & 5100 for class XI & XII, Graduation and Master Levels respectively plus actual tuition fees. Application time  July / August every year at DM office (Minority Cell). Family Income upto Rs.2 Lakh.

State Government Stipend for Meritorious Students: Scholarship given to students pursuing H.S, Graduation & Post Graduation @Rs.6000/-, Rs.9000/- & Rs.14400/- respectively. Selection on the basis of merit. Application time July/ August every year at DM office (Minority Cell). Family Income upto Rs.80 thousand.

Pre-Matric Scholarship:fron Rs. 1000/- to 10,700/- per year. Application time July / August every year at BDO/ Municipality office. Family Income upto Rs.1 Lakh.

Vocational Training Programme: For upgrading the skill, 6 months courses in various trades conducted mainly through reputed govt. and private institutions. Application on advertisement at concerned institutions.

Merit Prizes for students:  In addition to scholarships aimed at encouraging the students to pursue their studies with vigorous interest and fervour, the Academy also awards several prizes for outstanding performance so that the morale of the hardworking achievers may be boosted.

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