Land Acquisition (General) Department

Name of the Officer-in-Charge Smt Srabanti Das, WBCS (Exe)
Contact Details E-mail:-speciallaog[at]yahoo[dot]in
7, Rishi Bankim Chandra Road, New Collectorate Building, 2nd Floor, Howrah – 711101.
Name of the Staff
Duties of the Department & Services This department is a part and parcel of the Collectorate so far the need of acquisition of land for public purpose related to different projects of development is concerned.

The department deals mainly with the matters of acquisition of land on the basis of proposal from different R.B’s Apart from dealing with above, this department also performs works as detailed below.

  • Assessment of fair rent of premises / buildings occupied by different department of the Govt.
  • Assessment of valuation of land on requisition.
  • Defending of cases related to land Acquisition pending before the LAT Court and Hon’ble High Court.
  • Causing enquiry and reporting for issue of no objection by the Collector as regard to setting up of petrol pumps etc.
  • Issue of information slips etc. on requisition from the certified copying section of the Collectorate.
  • Assessment of valuation for deletion of the names of Bargadar for land purchased by the companies
Administrative Structure (HR) of the Section
Work Distribution of LA(G) Department Details of Work Assigned to L.A. Officials with effect from 01/08/2014
  • Special LAO (G)
  • Head Clerk & Asstt. : Sri Debasish Nath & Trisandhya Mahapatra
  • Bill Clerk :Sri Suvendu Manna
  • Accountant : Sri Likhan Goswami
  • Computer Section :1)Sri Uttam Saha 2)Anindita Hazra 3)Shirshendu Mukherjee
  • Nazir / Cashier
  • Ratan Basu, Amin
  • Malay Dutta, Employee of Sick Industries
  • Shelley Majumder, Employee of Sick Industries
  • Smt. Jharna Chatterjee  , Gr-D
  • Sri Subodh Santra , Chainman
LAW CELL                                              

Special LAO (G) , WBCS (Exe.) Officer-in- charge  Law Cell

Sri Banshidhar Samanta, Addl. LAO & SRO-I
All High Court Cases,   with Supreme Court
Sri Ananta Bhattacharjee, Addl. LAO & SRO-I
Establishment matter and Income Tax matter, Accounts and Acquisition of NHAI
  1. Sri Chandra Sekhar Naskar, Addl. LAO & SRO-I
  2. Smt Rinku Ram S.R.O- I & Addl L.A.O
All High Court matter
  1. Sri Gopal Sen, Surveyor
  2. Sri Amaresh Paul, Surveyor
  Case register & distribution
  1. Sri Gopal Sen, Surveyor
  2. Sri Lakshman Santra , Surveyor
  3. Sri Debdipti Dey, Surveyor
  4. Sri Sumitra Das , Surveyor
  5. Sri Amaresh Pal, Surveyor
  6. Sri Shambhu Majumder, Amin 
All work related to acquisition
Special LAO (G) WBCS (Exe.)


All Industrial Park

Amta Bagnan Railway

F & S

Report Return & Gazette


  1. Sri Kali Sankar Mitra , Surveyor
In addition to other works assigned time to time
Sri Alok Naskar, Addl. LAO & SRO-I


R.T.I. Case

  1. Sri Atanu Bhoumik, Surveyor
  2. Sri Suman Gayen, Surveyor
  3. Sri Tapan De, Surveyor
In addition to other works assigned time to time
  1. Sri Manas Sengupta S.R.O-I & Addl L.A.O
  2. Sri NIhar Mondal , Asstt. LAO & SRO -II
All acquisition Cases (Excepting NHAI)
  1. Sri Lakshman Santra,Surveyor
  2. Sri Debdipti Dey, Surveyor
  3. Sri Sibaprasad Ghosh, Surveyor
In addition to other works assigned time to time
Sri Pabitra Paul , Addl. LAO & SRO-I
All Rent & L.V Cases & acquisition relating to NHAI
Smt Rinku Ram, Addl. LAO & SRO-I
Land Loosers & all types of Searching
Sri Nihar Mondal, Asstt. LAO & SRO-II
Sri Pabitra Paul, Addl. LAO & SRO-I
All Post Payment work
Sri Sasanka Das, Amin
Maintenance of register & distribution of R R & L.V. Case to all Surveyors
  1. Sri Chandra Sekhar Pramanik, Amin
  2. Sri Sibaprasad Ghosh, Surveyor
  3. Sri Sambhu Majumdar, Amin
In addition to other works assigned time to time
  1. Sri Anjan Some
  2. Sri Bimal Chakroborty
  3. Sri Ajit Bhattacharjee
  4. Sri Sunil Dey
  5. Sri Balai Chatterjee
  1. Service of All type of letter in Kolkata & Howrah Area
  2. Service of Payment & Hearing Notice
  3. Sri Ajit Bhattacharjee will act in Accounts section
  4. As usual along with process serving
  1. Sri Alok Patra
  2. Sri Jayanta Hansda
  3. Sri Sankar Das
  4. Sri Biswanath Mishra
  1. Field work as & when required
  2. Alok Patra will act with Addl. LAO Section in addition to his field work
  3. Deputed to Try-II
Relevant Acts Guideline & Circulars
Reports Report of last six months:-
  • Land Acquisition Payment made : 50,99,57,055.00
  • Possession handed over to RB:- 7.85148 Hector (19.4011 acre)