Health & RSBY & Swasthya Sathi

Name of the Officer-in-Charge Sri AYAN DUTTA GUPTA, WBCS(Exe)
Contact Detail Telephone No: - 033-2638-0292

6, Rishi Bankim Chandra Road, New Collectorate Building, 5th Floor, Howrah-1.

E-mail id of Health Section: dmhealthhwh[at]gmail[dot]com

E-mail id of RSBY & Swasthy Sathi Cell:howrahrsby[at]gmail[dot]com

Name of the District Coordinator IT Sri AMIT CHOWDHURY
Name of the District Coordinator Hospital Sri BITHIN BISWAS
Duties of the Department & Services

1) Co-ordinating with the C.M.O.H. office & B.D.O. & B.M.O.H. regarding infrastructure development of BPHC /PHC / Sub-Centres

2) Monitoring of Public health related matters like Pulse Polio, Health Sub-Centre, ASHA, BPHC, PHC, ANM.

3) Analyzing different Health related parameters like Institutional delivery, Infant mortality rate, MMR & taking subsequent measures

4) Swasthya Sathi Prokolpo:

a) Enrollment of beneficiaries and issuing of Swasthya Sathi Smart Card

b) Monitoring of Hospitalization & treatment of Swasthya Sathi patients

c) Redressal of Grievances and holding of DGRC meeting

d) Monitoring of empanelment of Nursing Homes & Hospitals

e) Organizing IEC / Health Camps for Swasthya Sathi 

Administrative Structure (HR) of the Section
Function in details & Public Services provided
  • Public Health Monitoring
  • Prevention & Control of Vector Borne Diseases, Water borne diseases, Tuberculosis
  •  Monitoring of routine Immunisation, Pulse Polio Immunisation and other special immunization programme
  • Construction related issues of BPHC/PHC/Health Sub-Centre
  • Monitoring of function of ANM/ASHA
  • All Swasthya Sathi enrollment, empanelment, hospitalization/treatment & grievance redressal 
  •  Delayed registration of Birth & Death under HMC & Bally Municipality
Relevant Acts & Guidelines
Important Links
Success  Stories
  • SNCUs (02) at Howrah District Hospital & Uluberia Sub-Division Hospital are running successfully.
  • Fair Price Medicine Shops (06) at Howrah DH, Uluberia SDH, TLJ SGH, Gabberia SGH, Udaynarayanpur SGH & Belur SGH are functioning.
  • All 9 SNSUs have started functioning satisfactorily (TLJ SGH, Gabberia SGH, UNPur SGH, Amta RH, Domjur RH, JBPur RH, BB Dhar RH, Bagnan RH & Jhumjhumi BPHC).
  • RSBY (09) is running at Howrah DH, Uluberia SDH, Gabberia SGH, TLJ SGH, South Howrah SGH, Belur SGH, UNPur SGH, Bauria SGH & Satyabala IDH is implemented first in the State.
  • Upgraded Amta RH into 80 beds
  • CT Scan facility is running in Howrah DH under PPP
  • Dialysis Unit & Digital X-Ray are nearing to complete.
  • 12-beded CCU is running successfully in Howrah DH
  • Granted approval from DNB Authority, Delhi to Howrah DH for 5 disciplines e.g. Medicine, Surgery, G&O, Paediatrician & Eye.
  • Another CCU will be opened at Uluberia SDH and HDU will be opened at Amta RH. The work is under-process.
  • Up-to-date payment of fixed honorarium to all of the eligible ASHAs (1966) has been completed.
  • Construction of MCH Hub at Uluberia SDH is completed.
  • Indoor services at Nabagram PHC (Shyampur-I), Dhulasimla PHC (Uluberia-I) & Penro Harishpur PHC (UNPur) Block have been started.
  • Award received for best performing  BMOH (Amta-I), MO (Amta RH), HMO (Amta RH), ANM (Amta-I & Shyampur-I) (year 2013)
  • Received highest institutional delivery award for B.B. Dhar RH, Domjur RH, Bagnan RH & JBPur RH (2012-13).