Department of Planning Section

Name of the Officer-in-Charge Sri Jagannath Bhar, WBCS(Exe)
Contact Details Telephone No: - 033-2641-4918, Fax: - 033-2641-4918
7, Rishi Bankim Chandra Road, Howrah-711101, Room No.-14, 4th Floor, New Collectorate Building
Name of the Staff
Duties of the Department & Services

The main functions of this Department are as follows:

  1. Maintain liaison with all the Hon’ble MLAs & MPs for procurement of recommended schemes with respect to the entitled fund.
  2. Taking proper steps to receive fund under the BEUP and MPLADS from the State Government & Central Government respectively with respect to relevant financial year by submission of Utilisation Certificates and relevant documents.
  3. Taking proper steps to procure the authenticated schemes from the Executing Agencies.
  4. Checking those received schemes in the light of the relevant Guidelines. On being satisfied with the schemes and papers vis-a-vas the relevant Guidelines, files are placed to the higher authority for the administrative and financial approvals.
  5. Taking step to utilize the fund of the sanctioned schemes in accordance with the relevant Guidelines. Surprise site visits are conducted from this end to keep an eye over the utilization processes.
  6. Preparation of reports in respect of all the funds of MPLADS, BEUP and DIF.
  7. Preparing and printing Annual District Plan every year.
  8. Preparing various types of GIS map as and when required by the District Authority.
  9. Issuance of  orders signed by the District Magistrate, Howrah to the Nazareth Deputy Collector, Howrah to release fund against the approved estimates under BEUP.
  10. Maintenance of files related to the Establishment related matters.
  11. Conducting election for formation of District Planning Committee and its various Sub Committees abiding by the West Bengal District Planning Committee Act, 1994 & West Bengal District Planning Committee Rule, 1994.
  12. Performing all other works as entrusted by the District Authority time to time like Election, SRER and Continuous Updating of Electoral Rolls.
  13. Working as the Electoral Registration Officer in respect of 173- Howrah Dakshin A.C.
Administrative Structure (HR) of the Section
DISTRICT PLANNING COMMITTEE & PREPARATION OF DISTRICT PLAN The District Planning Committee, the paramount body in any district formed in compliance with the article 243 G of the Constitution of India and thereby with the West Bengal District Planning Committee Act, 1994 & the West Bengal District Planning Committee Rules, 1994 and authorized to approve, inspect and formulate any plan or work to be executed by any Department in the District. This Committee is formed through election amongst the elected members of the Zilla Parishad & Municipalities/ Corporations concerned. According to the West Bengal District Planning Committee Rules, 1994, there ought to be 2 (Two) Sub Committees namely- Urban Development Sub Committee & District Planning and Coordination Sub Committee, under the District Planning Committee. Under this apex body, District Plan of the whole district is prepared for each and every year. After having sanction from that District Planning Committee, the approved copy of the District Plan is being submitted to the Department of Planning, Government of West Bengal.
NRDMS (NATURAL RESOURCE DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM) The NRDMS Centre at Howrah was formed on 1st February, 2008 under the Department of Planning, Howrah after being sanctioned by the Government of West Bengal to develop and support the local level planners in formulating their planning strategy for development. The set up comprises of two staff, one Centre-in-Charge and another Centre Assistant. This Cell works with the data provided by the various line departments to provide value added output using multi layered database and satellite images especially during natural disasters and elections.
Monthly Reports Report of MPLADS:-
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