Name of A.D.M- in- Charge

Sri  Dilip  Kumar  Chattopadhyay,WBCS(Exe)
From 06-04-2004  to 26-2-2007 (AM)
Sri Narendranath Dutta,WBCS(Exe)
from 27-2-07 to till date


Name of Officer-in-Charge

 Sri Subir Ghosh, WBCS(Exe.) N.D.C.
From 29-07-2005 to 15-12-2006
Sri Rabindra Nath Hait, WBCS(Exe)
From 15-12-06 to 31-3-2007


Name of Clerk-in-Charge

Sri Aloke  Kumar Ghosh, UDC,  Nazir
From 01-04-2003 to 13-12-2006
Sri Pradip Kumar Das, UDC, Nazir
From 13-12-2006 to till date


Staff strength


Post           Sanctioned Strength Existing PositionVacancy

U.D.C.                4                            6                            nil

L.D.C                 8                            4                            4


Server                nil                           2                            2

Darwan /N.G      4                            3                            1


Sweeper            2                            2                            nil


Contingent Menial nil  3                   nil


Whether any re-deployment of staff has been done

No  re-deployment of staff has been done


Name of the work performed by the department

The main function of the department is to draw and disburse the salaries of all officers and staff of the Collectorate including all sorts of loans and advances to the Government employees.  Besides this huge no. of contingent bills under different head of accounts, Grant-in-aid, Oldage Pension, Widow Pension, Disability Pension, Scholarship to P.H. Students etc.  are draw and disbursed to the respective payees.  Regular maintenance of Cash Book is also the most important function of the department.  Apart from this, the following works are performed by the section amongst others :-

  1. Maintenance of P.L. Account of the District Magistrate, Howrah.
  2. Submission of adjustment bill to the Treasury to liquidate the outstanding advances.
  3. To look after all the establishment related affairs of Gr. ‘D’ staff of the Collectorate including appointment/transfer/posting maintenance of Service Book etc.
  4. Maintenance of GPF A/C of Gr. ‘D’ staff and issue of annual Account Slip thereof.
  5. To provide infrastructure facilities to the officers & staff of the Collectorate.
  6. To maintain cleanliness of the office premises of both the Old and New Collectorate Buildings.
  7. Repair and Renovation of Circuit House was done  after initiatives taken in the matter.
  8. To procure food grains for the flood victims  of the district as and when required and also to engage in flood relief operation work whenever necessary.


Acts, rules & regulation the section deals with.

Nezarath section deals with the following acts and rules viz.
W.B. Practice & Procedure  manual

  1. W.B. Financial  Rule
  2. W.B. Treasury Rules Vol. I & Vol. II
  3. W.B. Service Rule Pt. I & II
  4. G.P.F.(WBS) Rules.
  5. D.C.R.B. Rules
  6. P.D.R. Act.


Number of Registers it maintains in respect of Bengal Register & Receipts manual

Nezarath Section maintains numerous registers in terms of the Bengal Registers and receipts Manual, Amongst them are:

  1. Receipt Register  WBF – 16
  2. Issue Register  WBF – 19
  3. Index Register  WBF – 22
  4. Casual Leave register WBF – 107
  5. Bill Register WBF – 342
  6. Bill Transit Register TR Form No. 5A
  7. Contingent Register WBF – 2401
  8. Cash Book WBF – 225
  9. DCR Register WBF – 265
  10. Register of  GPF Account of Gr. ‘D’ From No.1
  11. Process Register WBF – 44A
  12. DW Register WBF – 258
  13. Cheque Register
  14. Advance Register
  15. Double Lock & Key Register.


No of Receipts and  issue in the year.

1.  No. of letters received during the year 2006-07: 2018      
2.  No. of letters  issued during the year  2006-07:     734


Head of Account wise Financial Allotment & Expenditure.

Head of Account-wise allotment of fund received during the year and expenditure thereof are furnished in a separate sheet annexed hereto& marked it Flag – ‘A’


Performance report of the section showing its target and achievement.

The Nezarath Department performed various work during the year 2004-2005 & 2005-2006 of which most important are mentioned below showing its target and achievement.
1.  Drawal & Disbursement of Fund :
     A sum of Rs.23,18,63,016/= was disbursed out of receipt of Rs. 27,86,78,177/= during the year 2006-07 leaving a balance of Rs. 4,68,15,161/=
2.  Deposit of undisbursed Cash  :
     Undisbursed cash of Rs. Nil have been deposited to    treasury to reduce the cash balance.  
3.  Adjustment of outstanding advances :
    Adjustment of Rs.22,28,793/=   out of advance drawal of Rs. 1,65,17,493/=  have been made  during 2006-07. 


Date of last inspection

Last  inspection was held on  12-4-2007    by  the Additional District Magistrate & Addl. Collector, Howrah.


Status of audit queries

Some outstanding paras of the previous inspection are yet to be settled. Steps are being taken to submit the replies early.


Physical condition of the section cleanliness, neatness, condition of fines, consignment of records, furniture and the room. 

The space provided for the section very short.  As such neatness could not be made-up to the desired level.  Difficulties are faced on salary payment dates.  Moreover, due to shortage of space the most important papers likes vouchers, registers, Cash Books etc.  cannot be kept systematically.  Apart from this huge nos. of old paid vouchers have been lying uncared for.  Since most of the files are related to financial allocation, bills etc. consignment of those papers could not be carried out.


In case of Establishment Section and Nazareth Section taken for deduction of leave unadjusted advances.

Deduction of  leave for absence in respect of Gr. ‘D’ staff  are being made as per rule. The condition of the Cash Book is found to be correct. 

 The cash balance has been verified by Senior Audit Officer P.A.G. Audit, West Bengal on 2-1-2007 and D.M. Howrah on  22-1-2007 and Nezarath Deputy Collector, Howrah on 15-12-2006.


Submitted to the Additional District Magistrate(General), Howrah .


Nezarath Deputy Collector.