Name of the A.D.M.-in-Charge                     :        Sri  N. N. Dutta, WBCS(Exe).

Name of the Officer-in-Charge                      :        Smt.  Srabani Ghosh, WBCS(Exe).
                                                                                                                        Upto 30/06/07
                                                                                    Sri  P.K. Ghosh  WBCS(Exe).
                                                                                                                        After 01/07/07

Name of the Clerk-in-Charge.                       :        Sri  Jagannath Chatterjee, U.D.C.

N.B. – This Section has started work in the month of November, 1999 as per decision of Home ( Pol) Deptt.

1.   Staff strength                                           :        a)Sanctioned post : Now known.
                                                                                    b)Present strength : No staff at present. One
                                                                                    c)U.D.C. of General Section deals with the files Of this Section.

2.   Nature of work performed by the            :        This Section deals with the work of by the Section.             Issuing candidates seeking
employment in Military and para-military forces. This Certificate is also issued to the student candidates seeking admission in Sainik School, Purulia.
After obtaining necessary information from S.P., D.I.B., D.M., Howrah issues certificates To the deserving candidates.

3.   The Section deals as per guidelines set by the Home (Pol) Deptt. in their G.O. No. 7481(17)P and 7482(17)P both dated 2.11.1999

4.   Registers used in the Section are Application Register and Certificate Register maintained in
this Section. Other Registers such as Attendance Register, Issue and Receipt Register, File such Index etc. are maintained in the General Section. Recently the applications, are kept, Police Station-wise in separate files.

5.   Number of receipts and issued in the    :        Receipts and issues are being
      Year.                                                                     done from the General Section.
                                                                                    Verification of Register
                                                                                    Total Receipt – 79, Issued – 71
                                                                                    Reject – 08.

6.   Financial allotment, expenditure etc      :        No financial transaction is made in this Section.

7.   Performance on different matters          :        a) Item : Checking of applications matters, target and achievement                    and annexed documents and to
sentthose to D.I.B. for enquiry and report.

                                                                                    Target : All the applications.

Achievement : 79 applications received so far have been checked and sent to S.P., D.I.B. for enquiry and report. Item : To further process the cases for which D.I.B. report would be received and to issue Domicile Certificate which would be allowed By District Magistrate.

Target : 100%.

Achievement : All the 79 applications returned by the D.I.B with enquiry report have been further processed and Domicile Certificate for71 applications have been issued on being allowed by District Magistrate. 8 have been rejected by D.I.B.

8.   Date of last inspection of the Section    :        This Section has started working from November, 1999 only. The section has been Inspected by Officer-in-Charge on 18.5.07.

9.   Status of Audit queries                          :        This section not covered by any kind of Audit.

10. Physical condition of the section           :        There is no separate room for this clearliness neatness, condition of                 section. Condition of files are good
neatness, condition of files, consign-             since the section is five years old. of  ment records, furniture and room             Consignment of record is being done.

11. Remarks.                                                :        For better preservation of the records, computerization is needed on a priority basis.




Domicile, Howrah.