Motor Vehicles Department,Howrah






Name of the A.D.M.-in-Charge


Shri D. Chakraborty,           WBCS (Exe.)




Name of the Officer-in-Charge


Shri Sukumar Dutta




Name of the Clerk-in-Charge


Shri Mihir Mukherjee   &



Shri Ratan Bhatacharjee.







A)Administrative Structure of

the Department:


B) Functions of the M.V. Department

a)                  Issual of License

b)                  Issual of Registration.

c)                  Issual of Permit.

d)                  Payment of tax.

e)                  The Various forms available for usage:


1) Forms Relating to Issual of license:-

i) Form 1 (Physical Fitness).

ii) Form 1A (Medical Certificate).

iii) Form 2 (Application for grant and renewal of Learner License).

iv) Form 3 (Learner License).

v) Form 4 (Application for License to drive Motor Vehicles).

vi) Form 4A (Application for issual of International Driving Permit to drive a motor vehicle in foreign countries).

vii) Form 5 (Driving Certificate Issued By driving School or Establishment).

viii) Form 8 (Application for the addition of new class of vehicle to the Driving License).

ix) Form 9 (Application for the renewal of Driving License).

x) Form 13 (Application for renewing a license to engage the business of imparting instruction in driving Motor Vehicles).

2) Forms Relating to registration:-

i) Form 20 (Application For registration of a Motor Vehicle).

ii) Form 21 (Sale Certificate).

iii) Form 22 (Initial Certificate of compliance with Pollution Standards, Safety Standards of components and roadworthiness issued by the Manufacturer).

iv) Form 23 (Certificate of Registration)

v) Form 23A (Certificate of registration in Electronic Medium)

vii) Form 25 (Renewal of Certificate of Registration of a Motor Vehicle other than a transport Vehicle).

viii) Form 26 (Application for the issue of Duplicate certificate of Registration)

ix) Form 27 (Assignment of New registration Mark to a Motor Vehicle)

x) Form 16 (Application for grant and renewal of Trade Certificate).

xi) Form 17 (Trade Certificate [TC]).

xii) Form 18 (Loss or destruction of TC and application for duplicate).

xiii) Form 19 (Register top be maintained by the holder of TC).

xiv) Form 28 (Grant of No Objection Certificate [NOC]).

xv) Form 29 (Notice of Transfer of Ownership [TO] of a motor vehicle).

xvi) Form 30 (Application for intimation and TO of a Motor Vehicle)

xvii) Form 34 (Application for making an entry of an agreement of Hire-Purchase/Lease/Hypothecation subsequent to registration).

xix) Form 35 (Notice of termination of Hire-purchase).


f)              Grant of Permit: We are issuing (i-iii for goods Vehicles)

i) Temporary Permit.

ii) Special Permit

iii) Permanent Permit (for 5 years).

iv) Contract Carriage Permit.

v) Stage carriage permit as per route strength and approval of RTA Board.

vii) Private Service Vehicle permits.


g)                  Deposition of tax as per Schedule of WBMV Tax Act.


h)                  Mention of Enforcement Work and pollution checking for better service to the public.



1.   Normally D.A. Receipt Section opens all covers under instruction of R.T.O. But confidential covers are opened by R.T.O., himself.

2.   D.A. of Receipt Section office docket stamp affixed as per Rule of R.M.

3.   All letters received and issued respectively are entered in the form no. 9,10 and column 4

4.   As regard the procedure followed in putting up letters. Note there is no deviation from laid down in Rule 17 of the Record Manual.

5.   Every fresh letter said to be trated in the manner laid down in rule 16 & 17 of Record Manual.
6.   Every letter, whether received or issued is said to be serially as soon as received or issued.

7.   Registers 60, 61 are mentioned but register 62 is not maintained.

8.   Attention paid of Rule 12 of Record Manual Prescribed the mode of keeping Index Register no. 62.

9.   The department keep its own set of Registers and whether letters are received and issued departmentally.

10. Is the collection system thoroughly :
No, the RTO sketched out of a Understood Rules 5 & 6 of the R.M. List of collection from his own Experience and knowledge of Business of his office & introduced Index.Register, Register no. 62.

11. Are the files within each collection Kept serially in the shelves. :
12. Are new files opened ? Rule 15 of the R.M. :

13. Are all formalities in putting up letter etc. observed. :

14. Is any other Register maintained if so what is the type and number of such Register. :


15. Are all petition enterned in the Petition Registers.:
No following petitioner register are maintained.




Spl. Permit



Goods Carriage






Miscellaneous petition are Entertained in the Receipt Register.

16. If the petitioners are put up properly. :

17. If allotment register is maintained and :
Yes. Allotment are received directly by the D.M. (Genl. Estt.)

18. Which matter is dealt in the Department. :

1.            Taxation.
2.            Registration.
3.            Granting of Driving Licence, conductor licence.
4.   Permit
5.            Granting C.F.
6.   Issue of Licence of Motor Training Institution and Auto Emission Testing Centre.
7.   Other Statutory work under M.V.Act. and Rules.

19. What is the position Ministerial staff. :
Staff Strength                  Present Position
U.D.C. N.A.                  15
L.D.C. N.A.             4
Gr.D. N.A.             4

20. What is the Position of Enforcement. :
Staff Strength  Present Position
8                  8

21. a) What is the strength of technical and non-technical officers ?
Technical           Non-technical
3 (Tech.)           5 (Non-Tech.)

22. When was the Deptt. inspected by the officer-in-charge. :

23. When was the Deptt. inspected superior officers. :

24. Whether Register 26 (Inspection Book is maintained (Rule 13 of the Inspection Manual 1,1919). :

25. Whether guard file for keeping note not  of inspection by superior officers & properly taken.Record of follow up action taken, is Maintained.
Yes, Follow up actions are not

26. Whether guard file for the maintenance Of important Govt. orders is maintained. :

27. Whether guard file for the maintainingOrder of District Magistrate & other Superior officers is maintained. :

28. Revenue Collection. :






Rs 24,31,01,128.00

Rs. 27,70,65,562.00




b) Whether cash book maintained showing daily collection deposit to Bank.

c) Whether D.C.R.S. are used.
Use of D.C.R.S. were discontinued from 01.01.98 after full computerization of all items of work       involving revenue collection had been made.

d) Whether D.C.R. Register maintained.
Yes maintained. No. of unused DCR Books is 253 D.C.R.S. are not used in this section for collection of revenue. The unused DCR Books should kept under safe custody or returned to the issuing authority.

29. No. of Registered Vehicle different type. :


Annexure – “A”

a) No. of Vehicles for which Tax has been paid up to 31.03.2007.


b) No. of vehicles for which NOC granted.


30. a) How is the annual demand tax Assessed to ascertained the Defaulters.
Process should be started.
b) Whether vehicle Register is maintained & updated.
No, this is urgently necessary
c) Whether No. of registered vehicle assessed on the basis updated V.R.
Vehicle register is not maintained butnot updated since computerization of registration.
d) Whether No. of Registered vehicle assessed on the basis of V.R.
No it is assessed on the basis of computerization date as entered from time to time.
e) Whether assessment of demand is computerization and periodically reviewed to ascertain defaulters
Yes, but no periodical of demand on tax is being on made to ascertain defaulters due to shortage to man  power.
f) Whether all the vehicles as assessed Are paying tax.
g) Whether demand notices are.
Demand notices are not being issuedgenerally excepting a few specific cases involved is and it objections and other complaints. This required.
h) Whether Register for surrender.
Register is maintained but should be made transperant and systematic as exemtion Remission of tax of the vehicle for which valid papers are surrender is involved. Specific entry with noting of the date of validity. Order for acceptance of surrender and Date of lifting of paper has to be Made in the Register. For each case Of surrender conseuited running Is to be noted. Before order acceptance Of surrender is passed through enquiry Has to be conducted by competent Officers to prevent chance of tax evasion.

The documents and papers should be Released on receipt of report of the Enquiry officer and payment of current Officer and payment of current tax no. of Surrender cases 7.

31. Whether enforcement activities. :
Not regularly.

1. are carried out regularly.



2. No. of Motor Vehicles Raids organized


74 days

3. No. of raids attended by RTO



4. No. of Raids attended by Executive



5. No. of offence detected



6. No. of cases where offence compounded



7. No. of cases referred to competent court



8. Amount of fine realized


Rs. 65,17,176.00

32. Permits :
a) Whether permits Registers :
Maintenance of Manual Register has discontinued since computer programing has been introduced.
b) Whether No. of Permits issued can be Ascertained on the basis of permits Registers.
c) No. of existing routes.
d) No. of Passengers transport vehicles plying.
i)      Bus – 769 C.C.      3757
ii)      Mini Bus 90 C.C.      449
iii)      Trekker       270
iv)      Other Type
e) No. of goods carriage plying.

33. Whether records & original papers of Registered vehicles are maintained.
No. required for transparency.

34. Whether individual file for passenger Transport vehicle are maintained.
No. This is required for transparency.

35. Whether guard file for R.T.A. resolution Are massessedaintained. :
IT is maintained.
36. a) Whether Case Register for High Court.
A Register has already been made.
b) No. of High Court Cases Pending as on
109 nos.
c) No. of High Court Cases instituted during 2006-2007 upto date.
36 nos.
d) No. of cases disposed of
30 nos.

37. i) Motor Training Schools for which licence are issued.
40 (forty)
ii) Whether registers & Records of Motor Training Schools are maintained properly.
iii) Whether all the Motor Training Schools have requisitive space accessories training materials & qualified trainer.

38. Auto Emission Testing Centres :
i) No. of Privately run testing centers for which licences are issued.
41 (forty one)
ii) Whether register & records are maintained Properly.
iii) Whether requisite norms of testing are Maintained.

39. i) No. of Emission Testing Machines/ Equipment supplied by Govt. to the Deptt.
2 machine.
ii) Whether they are used for testing Auto Emission at the time of granting CF
40. Whether production of standard auto :
emission certificate is enforced during grant of CF.




41. a)No. of cases where airhorns are detected and removed.



Amount of penalty imposed



42. Motor Accident Benefit Schemes. :

1. No. of claims pending as on 31.03.2007



2. No. of cases received during 2006-07


41 cases.

3. Allotment Received 2006-2007



4. Amount released


Rs.3,55,000.00(for 41 cases)

5. Whether allotment register is maintained



6. Whether requirement of fund is assessed & sent to Govt. from time to time.




a) No. of Laminated Driving Licences


36,077 nos.


b) Whether records are maintained




c).Whether requirement of fund is assessed for preparation of Laminated D/L.




Computer :

i) Whether computerization of all.
In addition to the existing system, following modules may be introduced for full computerization betterment of this Department.
1. Enforcement
2. RTA Resolution/ court case important legal documents storage history and
3. On-line photo licencing system.


To implement the above stated modules the system would require at least 5 (five) terminals at the following locations.

1) MVI Room


2 Terminal

2) ARTO Room


1 Terminal

3) RTO’s Room


1 Terminal