Govt. of West Bengal

Office of the Collector, Howrah

Land Acquisition Department (H I T)



Name of L. A. ( H I T ) Officials & Contact Numbers


Sl. No.

Name of Officers


Contact No.

Dr. Archana , IAS.
Additional District Magistrate


Sri Mahadeb Chandra Chandra,WBCS(Exe)

Spl. L. A. O. (HIT)



Sri Amar Nath Mitra

Addl. L. A. O. (HIT)

- Do -



Asstt. L. A. O. (HIT)

- Do -


2.   Nature of Work performed :

      This department is a part and parcel of the Collectorate so far the need of acquisition of land for public purpose related to different projects such as (i) H.R.B.C. Project, (ii) Kona Expressway Project, (iii) West Howrah Township Project, (iv) Ganga Action Plan, (v) Fish Market Project, (vi) N.H.A.I. Project, (vii) Mangla Hat Project, (viii) Saree Hat project, (ix) Benarash Road Extension Project etc.

         This department deals with the matters of acquisition of land on the basis of proposal from different R.B.’s from dealing with above, this department also performs work as detailed below :

  1. Assessment of premises occupied by different R.B.’s.
  2. Assessment of valuation of land on requisition.
  3. Depending of cases related to Land Acquisition pending before L.A. Tribunal Court and Hon’ble High Court.
  4. Assessment of valuation for deletion of the names for Land purchases by the various development authorities.

3.   Acts, rules etc. related of the deptt. :

  1. Principal Land Acquisition Act, 1894 including other prevailing Acts.
  2. The Land Acquisition (West Bengal Ammendment) Act 1999.
  3. The West Bengal Land (Requisition & Acquisition) Act 1948.
  4. West Bengal Land Acquisition Manual 1991.
  5. Other related circulars / order of the Land & Land Reforms department.

4.   Important Registers maintain by the department :

  1. Register – 1 (Issue) & Register – 1 (Receipt)
  2. Register for recording Gazette Publication.
  3. Register for receiving applications u/s 28A of L.A. Act 1894.
  4. Register for reference cases u/s 30 of L.A. Act 1894.
  5. Register for petitions u/s 18 of L.A. Act 1894.
  6. Register of L.A. Misc. Cases.
  7. Register for High Court cases.
  8. Acquittance Registers.
  9. Bill Register.  
  10. Bill Transit Register.
  11. Allotment Register.
  12. General Cash Book.
  13. Subsidiary Cash Book.
  14. Stock Register (C.L. to (o) maintained by Cash Section).
  15. L.I. Cash Book for L.A. (General).
  16. L.F. Cash Book for N.H.A.I..
  17. Register for receipt and issue of cheques.


5.      No. of letters received and issued :

         This department received 4953 and issued 1788 which are 23% and 45% less than what it was in the last year.





Spl. L.A.O.(HIT)