Land & Land Reforms Office

Name of the ADM-in-Charge Shri Bani Prasad Das, WBCS (Exe)
Contact Details Address: District Level Office Building (2nd Floor), 12, Nityadhan Mukherjee Road, Howrah-711101
Telephone No-033-2660-2749, Fax-033-2660-9924
Name of the Officer-in-Charge Sri Prasanta Kr Maity, WBCS(Exe)
Deputy Land & Land Reforms Officer
Name of the Staff
  1. Sri Bijan Chakrabarty, SRO-I
  2. Sri Arnab Saha, S.R.O.-II.
  3. Sri Saibal Chattopadhyay, S.R.O.-II
  4. Sri Subhasis Dutta, S.R.O.-II
  5. Sri Atanu Das, S.R.O.-II
  6. Sri Lakshmi Kanta Pal, R.O
  7. Sri Suprio Mukherjee, H.C.
Duties of the Department & Services
  • Land & Land Reforms Department is one of the oldest departments of the state as well as of the country.
  • The principal work of this department is the implementation of various Land  Reforms Acts  especially  West  Bengal  Estates  Acquisition  Act, 1953  and  the West Bengal Land Reforms Act, 1955.
  • The activities of this department have tremendous social implications  and have an  important role in  reducing  disparities in  the socio-economic structure of the agrarian society of this state.
  • Under the changed scenario this department has also  beenoneof  the  keen  pins  of  socio  economic  development, industrial  growth and modernization  on  one  hand while  harnessing  indiscriminate  changes  in  land  utilization pattern.
  • The District Land & Land Reforms Officer, having the powers of Collector, heads the Integrated  Set up of Land & Land Reforms Administration in the district. In a district the entire structure consists of four tiers extended up to Gram panchayet level at the lowest. 
  • This  office  has  five  sections  viz  Establishment  &  Nazarath,  Serestha,  Law  cell, Drawing  Section  and  Computer  Section.
  • The  Establishment  Section  deals  with  all  the establishment related matter pertaining to leave, transfer and posting of officers and staff and their service matters & also the function of D.D.O.
  • The Law cell deals with various court cases relating to LR and appeals under WBLR Act. It also handles vesting and divesting cases.
  • The  Sarestha  Section  deals with  lease  and  license,  collection  of Land  Revenue  & Royalty,   Report   &  Returns,   Conversion   Miscellaneous   issues   like  Public   grievance, Assembly  questions,  Audit  matters  etc.
  • The technical  adviser  is the head  of the drawing Section which deals with inking of L.R. maps and despatch of sheets to the W.B.D.O. The Computer  Section deals with computerized  land records including all kinds of report and return. 
Administrative Structure (HR) of the Section
Functions in detail & Public Services Provided
The  office  maintain  numerous  registers  in  terms  of  the  Bengal Manual, amongst them are : 

1.         Register           - I                    Jamabandi Register/Rent 

2.         Register           - III                  Collection Register 

3.         Register           - IV                 Cash Book Register. 

4.         Register           - V                   Pass Book 

5.         Register           - VIII               Vested Land Register 

6.         Register           - IX                 Mutation Register 

7.         Register           - X                   L.T. & S.T. Register 

8.         Register           - XII                Settlement Register 

9.         Register           - XIII               Misc. case Register. 

10.       Register           - 26                  Inspection Register. 

11.       Register           - 94                  D.C.R. and R. R. Book 

12.       C.R./C.O. Register 

14.       Stock Register 

15.       Court Fee Register 

16.       Leave Register 

17.       Staff Register 

18.       Attendance Register 

19.       File Index Register.

Relevant Act,Guidelines&Circulars