Name of the Officer-in-Charge Shri Bikash Chandra Biswas, WBCS (Exe)
Contact Details
Address : 43 NS Road,Susoma Mansion, 3rd floor , Howrah-711101
Ph no. : 033-2641-4496
Email: agri[dot]howrah[at]gmail[dot]com
Name of the Staff
Duties of the Department & Services

 The District Agriculture Administration, Howrah is the subordinate of the State Directorate of Agriculture, West Bengal. The  primary objectives are to produce crops to meet up self need and to sell out surplus to earn cash and exclusive cash earning by selling commercial crops.  Its responsibility is to deploy and activate  all endeavour for production of the Crops from which cereals, tubers, sugar, millets, oil seeds, pulses, fibre and other crops are produced on the field. It performs the responsibility of helping the peasantry in respect of farm management, soil &  water management, soil & water conservation, crop cultivation with appropriate variety and quality seeds, nutrient management,  plant protection, harvesting technologies. Diversified cropping is much relevant for producing all the agril. commodities. It performs quality control of inputs, arranging soil testing and amelioration, demonstration plots and  training for transformation of  advanced technologies so that sustained agail. Production ( restrain fall down of the normal but to step up production above the population growth rate).

It also assists the peasantry to undertake measures for agril. rehabilitation of crop damages, if happens due to stochastic disaster. In the face of decreasing farm land due to its utilization for non-farming purposes, the importance on agriculture has become more crucial and relevant, because new technology exploration, dissemination and adoption are the only ways on order to gain vertical advancement. It is mention-worthy that no more farming land should be decreased by diverting to non-farm utilizations.

Administrative Structure (HR) of the Section
Functions in detail & Public Services Provided In view to the foregoing descriptions, the district agriculture administration undertakes the following services either as grant or with subsidy.
  • Soil Testing & Integrated Nutrient management,
  • Soil amelioration,
  • Farmers and Officials’ training,
  • Supply of seeds,
  • Production of Seeds in the Seed farms,
  • Adaptive Trials and Experiments on the technology exploration & variety adaptation,
  • Agril. Inputs’ business control,
  • Quality control of the Agril. Inputs,
  • Crop cultivation demonstrations on farmers field,
  • Farm Mechanization,
  • Management and control of  inset, pest & diseases of crops & Integrated pest management, (plant protection service).
  • Popularizing organic farming,
  • Farmers direct endeavour with advisor services for grow own seeds,(Irrigation water management,)
  • Farm finance (Crop loans through the banks),
  • Farmers  social security ( farmers’ old age pension),
  • Crop harvesting technologies,
  • Agril. Information & publicity
  • Agril Seed farms management for producing Foundation, Certified seeds of appropriate varieties of crops and selling to farmers,
  • Co-ordination and liaison  with the agril. allied sectors and related offices for sustained agril.production like Horticulture, Marketing, Water Resources Devt.& Investigation, Irrigation & Waterways, Electricity, Panchayats, Land & land reforms, Fishery, Animal resources, Krishi Vikash Kendra, Co-operation, Banks, ICAR Institutes, State Agril. University, etc.